BareBack Bottoms Video Clips: Eaton and Jake

August 9th, 2005

Eaton and Jake are one of the couples featured in the BareBack Bottoms members section. Eaton loves to hang out at the beach as it’s a great place to meet guys. There’s no shortage of cute guys on a sunny day at the beach and considering they’re usually wearing next to nothing, it’s the perfect place to size up the prospects. When Eaton spotted Jake, his search had ended, at least he hoped so. Jake had the typical nice smooth athletic surfer body, not to mention a nice tan. After some small talk, Eaton’s hope was confirmed. It turns out Jake was at the beach looking for some action as well so the two of them headed off to a local motel. Once they got into their room, these two wasted no time heading straight for the bed and some bareback bottoms fucking. Eaton and Jake really got into each other for this bareback Bottoms episode. They took turns performing oral and fucking each other on the bed until they each blew their loads. This ended up being another high quality Bareback Bottoms video. Here’s a preview gallery with four BareBack Bottoms video clips from Eaton and Jake’s episode. The video clips are samples and are reduced in size from full length movie in the members area. The video trailer for this update can be found at the BareBack Bottoms homepage.

Gay Blind Date Sex Videos: Red and Charles

August 1st, 2005

This Gay Blind Date Sex episode features a hot interracial video starring Charles and Red. Charles and Red were both looking to hook up for a threesome when they came to Gay Blind Date Sex. Well, as the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers. Charles is a good looking ebony guy with a medium build and a very nice cock. Red is a fairly tall and slender twink that loves to perform oral. Gay Blind Date Sex introduced these two guys to each other and they never did end up finding a third to join the party. It doesn’t matter much though as Charles and Red got into each other so much that a third guy would have made for a crowd. Red sucked off Charles on the couch and then took in his large cock doggy style. Red also rode that ebony cock for a good long while on the couch. This Gay Blind Date Sex episode contains a total of 45 videos and 118 photos of Red and Charles sucking and fucking on the couch. Here are five reduced quality Gay Blind Date Sex video samples from their episode showing Red giving Charles a blowjob and getting driven from behind. Video trailers of the most recent additions can be found in the Gay Blind Date Sex Guest area.

His First Huge Cock Preview: Eric

July 25th, 2005

Eric was added to the His First Huge Cock members area way back in September. Eric is slim 26 year old guy with a fairly hairy body and a nice uncut cock. The His First Huge Cock guys ran into Eric as he was on his way to class. They struck up a conversation and Eric told them he was into older men and enjoyed the outdoors, especially camping in the nude. Eric was persuaded to go back to the His First Huge Cock apartment and the rest is history. Eric’s His First Huge Cock episode features a great threeway between the HFHC guys and Eric and includes many photos and several videos in the members area. Here’s a link to 20 sample pics of Eric’s His First Huge Cock appearance. Video trailers of the latest guys to be added to the members section can be found in the His First Huge Cock guest area.

His First Time Gay Sex Videos: Danny

July 23rd, 2005

Danny was shopping for a car for his girlfriend and responded to the “car for sale” ad from the His First Gay Sex crew. Danny liked the car but didn’t like the price. It was time to negotiate. I’m sure Danny had no plans to have his first gay sex that day. I’m even more sure he didn’t think it would be a three-way with two other sexy guys. The His First Gay Sex crew has a way with men however and soon enough Danny was in heavy price negotiations. Although hesitant at first, by the end of the episode you would have never known this was Danny’s first gay sex experience. Danny’s His First Gay Sex episode contains 87 photos and 30 high quality video clips. Here are five His First Gay Sex sample videos from Danny’s episode. The latest video trailers can be found in the His First Gay Sex guest area. What girlfriend?

Twinks for Cash Videos: Casper

July 21st, 2005

Casper was added to the Twinks for Cash members area almost a year ago. He’s a cute guy with a nice tan and a nice smooth body. He’s got a cute little ass too. Casper was pretty agreeable to dispensing with his clothes but it took 700 bucks for him to go beyond that. Once the Twinks for Cash guys started sucking him off, he never looked back. Casper got fucked by one of the Twinks for Cash guys right on the desk and he really got into it. Things finished off on the couch with Casper getting banged by one of the guys while he was stroking off the other. Casper’s Twinks for Cash series contains 146 photos and 80 minutes of high quality video. Here’s a link to five Twinks for Cash sample videos of Casper. Video trailers of the latest twinks are available for download in the Twinks for Cash Guest area.